My SIM is my ID

Leveraging ‘Capture and Validate’ SIM registration processes

An estimated 150 of the 195 countries in the world now impose ‘Know-Your-Customer’ regulations.  These require that customers provide a valid proof of identity before they can subscribe to mobile services.

16 of these 150 countries operate a system where subscribers’ ID documents and their biometric details are validated in real-time against a so-called ‘Capture and Validate’ central database.  This process offers the highest level of assurance that the registered individual ‘is who they claim to be’.

‘Capture and Validate’ registration processes offer some benefits to mobile operators, such as more streamlined processes, and a reduction in administration, transaction and compliance costs.  Biometric validation also offers improvements to database tracking and reporting, and a reduction in criminality.

Capture and Validate systems provide MNOs with unique opportunities to establish digital identities for their customers and provide access to new mobile services that generate both commercial and social impact.

For examples, MNOs in Pakistan are already leveraging the C&V system to offer new identity-linked services to vulnerable segments of the population, such as social cash transfers delivered via mobile money.

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