Transforming methods of engagement

A step-change in access to, and engagement, with Digital advisory services in emerging resource-rich countries

The Department for International Development (DFID) has implemented a 5-year programme across 23 resource rich emerging countries.  The aim is to directly and effectively engage with government officials and support good management and governance of mining, oil and gas extraction. 

Our work with DFID culminated in the development of an online information portal, called the Extractives Hub.  Designed from the ground up, the Hub is a curated and searchable repository of high-quality information, that includes an on-demand, free-of-charge, consulting service.

Key insights into how government officials currently access and engage with information drove the development of the Hub.  Traditionally, digital access has been difficult.   Officials at this level are accustomed, culturally, to face-to-face interaction, can sometimes have limited digital skills and literacy and may be suspicious of ‘free’ information and resources online.

Our work with DFID to address these insights in terms of the new Hub design has been a major success, showing that a virtual product, when designed well, can really work work to have an impact on a traditionally resistant audience.

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