Consent without Friction

Lowering barriers to engagement

Low levels of engagement and registration on mobile is often a consequence of the need for friction, given the need for high levels of security, privacy and fraud protection.  At the same time, there is a major need to facilitate easy, fast, friction-free access.  This is to maximise take-up of products and services and exposure to critical forms of information.

In this context, we talked in depth to digital, online, ecommerce and security leads in major corporations in banking, government, commerce, travel & hospitality, media and gaming, based in the  USA, UK, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and India.  Our aim was to assist the GSMA in the development of ‘Mobile Connect’, an identity, authentication and personal data service provided by Mobile Network Operators.

The service uses the security of the operator network, allowing mobile devices to act as the single ‘key’ for people to be securely identified or authenticated when accessing a digital service.  We identified high demand for this among banking and government organisations in particular.

Find out more:  Mobile Connect Consumer Research Report, Futuresight for the GSMA.